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Wedding Trends 2013

Cup-Cakes-1Putting a ring on it? The soaring, sugary tiers of cupcakes that, for several years, had deposed the formal wedding cake have finally been toppled themselves. In their place has risen equally lofty, decidedly yeastier dessert towers composed of … doughnuts. Available in flavours such as Blueberry Balsamic and Root Beer Float.



Riding the pony: Boho chic hit its peak last year, but no-fuss is still appealing. For a refreshingly low-maintenance alternative to updos impaled with a pound of bobbypins, long-haired brides have another, increasingly popular option: the ever-flattering (and versatile) ponytail. Worn high or low, ponies can just as easily skew sleek – with a pompadour in the front, for instance – as deconstructed, says Globe Style beauty expert Bahar Niramwalla. Makeup right now is equally uncontrived: A no-makeup look, featuring flawless skin and minimal colour on lips, eyes and cheeks, means that, along with the pony, a bride won’t have to worry about a fallen ’do or continuous lipstick reapplication, no matter how late the dancing goes on.
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A Message from The Wedding Studio 2013

We at The Wedding Studio would like to thank all of our clients for choosing us as your wedding videographer during 2011. We have had a very busy year and are looking forward to 2013!!

We pride ourselves in having the latest editing software, computers, cameras and sound recording devices and we started 2013 by adding some new equipment to our inventory.

We have purchased a new Apple Mac Pro workstation in addition to our current Mac Pro workstations and we have made the transformation over to Final Cut Pro X as our first choice for our editing suite. High Definition Digital Video files have become very large and the requirements to work with these files is challenging. However, this new equipment is necessary in order to deliver an end product that is both flawless and elegant. Continue reading